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Happy Easter/Passover/Blue Moon, sports fans.

Have I a goodie basket full of treats for you! Sorry for the delay in reaching out. Things have been flying by this year, eh?

In brief: I turned 50, switched to mac, been learning Chinese, and got to introduce my wife Deb to her hero SpongeBob SquarePants, or rather, voice actor Tom Kenny at this year’s Mardi Gras Ball [thanks, Shaun!].

MONEY SHOT…Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the completion of my debut album, I offer an expanded re-release of CELLAR DOOR on YouTube. Since migrating to mac, I been learning iMovie, so you’ll see videos, tailored to each track, based on alphabet arm’s (aka Aaron Belyea’s) glorious album art stitched with see-it-to-believe-it, never-seen-before performances stills. First few start off simpler like an intro to the “players” then things get, well, you go looksee.  Pleased to share it on a whole new medium, flush with gratitude for being gifted the chance to make it.

WHILE YOU’RE DOWN THERE…A fresh-culled YouTube playlist of quality videos from my gig with ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO & Friends at a packed City Winery in NYC, a few years ago. See yours-truly onstage performing keys on: “Heroes” & “All The Young Dudes” with legendary producer TONY VISCONTI; “Powderfinger” & “Like a Hurricane” with Patti Smith guitarist LENNY KAYE; Iggy Pop’s “Loose” with JESSE MALIN; John Cale’s “Amsterdam” with CAT EDMONSON. Diehard fans may recognize guitarist extraordinaire DAVID PULKINGHAM, a musical soul brother from youth. Yea, David!

AND DEYAN…I’ve reupped on Instagram. Great morsels to tantalize, including: Deb & Tom Kenny, backyard bunny-feeding, Escovedo show greenroom clip, requisite cat pics, Capt. Kirk & Us, plus varied novelties.

Connect with me over in soshland, if’n you dig’m.



NEXT: new Mascara Non Grata release, LADDER, on soundcloud

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