his power move - The Noise 


Mr. Fibuli’s Records
Fountain of Tears
12-song CD

Well, many of us have been waiting a long time for Chris Mascara to make his power move, and this is it. Of course, being something of a mystic, he tells the truth, but tells it slant, right from the get-go. “Dragonflies” is a seesawing and powerful opening incantation. “Retarded” is a lovely, lost, mildly unsettling song. “B261” is a rocking, Bowie-variety anthem about Jackie Wilson, late of the Brunswick label…

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won't soon forget - Metronome 



Hearings:  Top 5 for February 2010



• B261

Chris Mascara is nothing if not completely original and unpredictable. Growing up as a "child prodigy" on organ, in Florida, Mascara found his way to New England to study religion at Tufts University. Since then, his appearances in the Boston theater…

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closest thing Boston has to a supergroup - Playground Boston 

PGB Weekend Picks: January 29 – 31

Posted by Bryan on Jan 29, 2010 »

Friday, January 29th @ Middle East Upstairs

Mascara might be the closest thing Boston has to a local rock Supergroup (You know, now that the Holidad All-Stars are no more) Chris Mascara is the lead-singer avatar for the Rock Band games, and is doing work with Blue Man Group this year. He’s recruited two of the best and most recognizable musicians in town to help out on his original material, Bo Barringer of MEandJOANCOLLINS, and Matt…

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fabulously bent garage prog - Boston Phoenix 

Boston Phoenix On The Download

MP3 of the Week


Next Friday will see the release of Fountain of Tears, the latest full-length installment of fabulously bent garage prog from Boston's own MASCARA.  Chris Mascara tells us that Fountain pays track-by-track tribute to a host of trailblazing iconoclasts and tragic heroes, from murdered poet Federico Garcia Lorca to undersung soul singer Jackie Wilson.  The latter is honored here with "B261" (the number a reference to his anonymous grave…

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a special effect unto themselves - Boston Band Crush 

Feature Crush:  C. D. on Songs, 01/14/10

Mascara - "B261"

Christopher Mascara (yes, that is is real, unchanged name - or at least that's what he told us) is, above all, a showman. He's such a showman that the Rock Band guys (yes, Rock Band again) had him don one of those spandex suits with ping-pong balls on it to motion-capture his moves. "B261" is the real deal, however, with no digital animation or special effects.

This really isn't a problem, Mascara is a special effect unto themselves. Each song -…

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what the Connoisseur staff is obsessing over - Boston Magazine 

The Consumer Index: January 2010 What the Connoisseur staff is obsessing over this month. (Trust us. You'll like this stuff.) 3. THE BIG WEEP Chris Mascara (the real-life model for Rock Band's lead-singer avatars) has a new album out. It's titled FOUNTAIN OF TEARS, but the crunching tunes make us fist-pump, not cry. $9.99, mascaramusic.com.

spaced-out garage-prog band driving van with wolf mural - Boston Phoenix 

Winter warmers


Local rockers drop it like it's cold

By MATT PARISH  |  December 30, 2009

Here we are, finally — winter. This is where those New England training wheels come off and you decide whether you're truly a local. Sure, some bands take the easy route and have album releases through the summer, enticing you to shows with back-patio barbecues and all-night rooftop after-parties. In January? Not so much. These bands have nothing but their jams to draw you in, but take a listen — they are totally…

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wild style channels everything rock is about - Metro Spirit 

Metro Spirit - Augusta's Independent Voice
Issue #21.19 :: 12/02/2008 - 12/08/2009
Mascara "Fountain of Tears" BY DINO LULL

"Fountain of Tears"
Mr. Fibuli’s Records

AUGUSTA, GA - Chris Mascara has led a tumultuous life and every bit of it shows through in his newest album "Fountain of Tears." Moody and dark with a sound that pushes forward with sweet steadiness, Mascara envelops college rock experimentalism with an emo-post- punk sensibility but throws in a heaping helpful of…

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part bluesman, part punk rocker, part madman - The Noise 



by Rick Dumont

Chris Mascara is a real man of genius when it comes to the arts. He’s a student of the psychology of music, a writer of deeply introspective themed rhythmic tapestries, an amazingly talented actor and, oh yeah, he’s also a very accomplished musician and singer.

It is that music, complied into a new album, Fountain of Tears, that will be released in January with a celebratory show at the Middle East upstairs on the 29th.

“It’s a nice combination of my back catalog and new,”…

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fountain of everything - AndMoreAgain 

Mascara, Fountain of Tears, Mr. Fibuli's Records [1/19/10]

Singer/guitarist Chris Mascara and compatriots Matt Graber
and Bo Barringer lay down some driving rock on their second
full-length. If Fountain of Tears isn't strictly indie, prog, or
metal, it resides somewhere in the margins between those gen-
res, though they manage to recall Firehose on title track "Ai-
nadamar," a tribute to Spanish poet Federico García Lorca.

A veteran of Rock Band and the Blue Man Group, Mascara comes
on like a theatrically trained…

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