1. Ainadamar

From the recording Fountain of Tears

This is the title track from MASCARA's new album, Fountain of Tears.  The song is about Federico Garcia Lorca, a Spanish poet and playwright of provocative and risky poems and plays, and also closeted homosexual who was executed in 1936 in a place called Ainadamar, an Arabic word meaning fountain of tears.


Ainadamar, Fountain of Tears, I am still alive
Ainadamar, Fuente Grande to the Granadinos
Ainadamar, only mystery enables us to live
Solitary world
Ainadamar, muerte de Lorca
August 16
August 17
August 18, 1936: Federico Garcia Lorca was assassinated by the Black Squad Falangists at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.