TOMORROW at the LIZARD (Thurs 5/2)

Happy May Day, friends.

Here's a nudge'ms about my solo set tomorrow night at the Lizard Lounge. It's a fabulous chance to check out my latest rigamarole -- on the early side which is ideal if you're either homebody-ish or…



Hey, Happy New Year!
Here's Shovel.

A newly minted arrangement/recording of my seasonal-affective-disordered anti-ballad. With horns!  I worked it up as a option for inclusion in the recent Christmas Cavalcade. For various reasons, we decided on the other two, but…


CellarDoor@20 on YouTube, EscovedoNYCshow too, Instagram

Happy Easter/Passover/Blue Moon, sports fans.

Have I a goodie basket full of treats for you! Sorry for the delay in reaching out. Things have been flying by this year, eh?

In brief: I turned 50, switched to mac, been learning…


You are Different

I offer up branny-new content as a cyber stocking stuffer. pa rum pum pum pum.

Thanks so much for staying tuned. Signore Non-Grata is just getting started. Pronto!

Different is so old its new again. Or, finally just, made.  It’s…