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Happy Easter/Passover/Blue Moon, sports fans. Have I a goodie basket full of treats for you! Sorry for the delay in reaching out. Things have been flying by this year, eh?

In brief: I turned 50, switched to mac, been learning Chinese, and got to introduce my wife Deb to her hero SpongeBob SquarePants, or rather, voice actor Tom Kenny at this year’s Mardi Gras Ball [thanks, Shaun!].



You are Different

Chain Link Fence - a tribute to Gene Mascara


I hope my new release Chain Link Fence -- a tribute to my dad on the anniversary of his passing -- can serve to shine a light on domestic violence and abuse, October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month. May we all do better to shield the most vulnerable among us.


you want it snarker


-New release, the second song in the “It Takes a Village: a mob opera” song series from Mascara Non GratA Freestyle

-New YouTube from Nashville, right after the DIY Musician Conference

-ways to donate to survivors of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

-readings on irony




Passing Judgment is Hell


Casting stones leads nowhere
Aiming low feeding on itself
Judging others for what we don't forgive inside ourselves
Passing Judgment is Hell


what say you now


If you mourn a departed veteran, I am with you.

If you mourn Manchester, I am with you.

If you mourn Chris Cornell, I am with you.

If you mourn the incessant squeeze on the most vulnerable in our land, and on this Earth, I am with you.


presenting Firewall for Krystle Campbell

NEW - Molly Glynn tribute & Triplets of Belleville cover song


Hello! Pleased to share with you the next release from Mascara Non Grata Freestyle – a couplet of new tunes on the soundclouds and a personal note on the youtubes. This installment is dedicated to anyone you call a friend.

Tree is an elegy for Molly Glynn, a fallen performing-arts comrade, whose prolific life was cut short by a freak accident while bicycling not far from her home near Chicago.

Cieco Cieco is an Italian-peasant frolic from Benoît Charest’s original soundtrack of The Triplets of Belleville


Holy Holy Holy Holy


Many a new year’s benediction upon you, gentlefolk.  

Here’s a special youtube felixication for you announcing Runner, my new release from Mascara Non Grata, which features samples from Allen Ginsberg’s first recording of Howl ca. 1956. So, its got “Language”.  Oh my.


The Prodigal Scamp


Please accept this offering of my newest work.  A three-fer. The first out the door of a whole new book of demos called Mascara Non Grata Freestyle

This inaugural installment is dedicated to creators. We all NEED you.


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