This May, CHRIS MASCARA performed a solo set, opening for Scott Damgaard Band at Cambridge's 'intimate, eclectic hot spot' (Rolling Stone) The LIZARD LOUNGE, a venue that's always welcoming for artists and audiences alike. It was great night out! Check out the highlights reel.

Mascara Non Grata-new & fresh on soundcloud

SUPPORTERS' KIND WORDS: "emotive textures and vocalizing"..."completely reinvented"..."Scott Walker meets Rick Berlin meets Roberto Benigni"..."elements that flavor Bowie's Blackstar"..."Nobody does personal/interstellar better"

COMMENTS FROM MUSIC PROS IN NASHVILLE: "LOVE the intensity, compelling"..."Cerebral, one of the most unique songs I've heard, really cool vibey recording"..."Edgy, driving"..."Original approach & lyrical perspective, haunting melody"..."Powerful, thought-provoking, memorable"..."Moves unpredictably along - which enhances unique vibe"..."great way of bringing excellent imagery into the lyric, something different - I appreciate that and so do many others"

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