you want it snarker

In this cross-packed installment:

My new release Irony Is Obsolete is the second song in the “It Takes a Village: a mob opera” song series from Mascara Non GratA Freestyle.

A new YouTube postcard, this time from Nashville, right after the DIY Musician Conference last month. CDBaby’s recap here, worth it. They dropped some knowledge. Musicians, Creators, get hip!

From Monday September 11th thru Friday September 15th CD Baby will donate net proceeds from all their digital sales to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. The money collected will be given to the Red Cross who are actively working with survivors.

A vetted NYT list of charitable organizations who are working tirelessly to help those who faced Harvey, and now, those who are in the path of Irma.

Reading up for my song, I came across a related back-n-forth amongst some hoighty-toighty writers on the meediaz. Apparently, Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker reacted to a piece by Gawker’s Tom Scocca (LONG READ), and then Ryan Kearney in the New Republic piled on, for fun and profit presumably. If that ain't all, “a few hours later”, Salon’s M. Ashby & B Carroll chirped in and then Bradley Warshauer in Black & Gold Review just couldn’t resist. S'catchy, this snark-thingie, eh? Now I got it. JeeZ!



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