what say you now

If you mourn a departed veteran, I am with you.

If you mourn Manchester, I am with you.

If you mourn Chris Cornell, I am with you.

If you mourn the incessant squeeze on the most vulnerable in our land, and on this Earth, I am with you.


Sometimes, circumstances let you down.

Sometimes, your leaders let you down.

Sometimes, your hero lets you down.

Sometimes, you let yourself down.


Pause. Breathe.


As we turn and face core hurt, we might find less need for balkanized outrage.


Here’s Let Me Down, my new one dedicated to highly sensitive people, who illuminate aspects of humanity we all share.


keepin’ it light:

As promised -- Scootchie’s in Graceland, a ziptour of my time at the Elvis manor & museum in Memphis.


on a creative note:

If last year in Chicago was any indication, this year’s DIY Musician Conference in Nashville will be an even bigger, badder mess o’ fun, schoolin’, networkin’, etc. I mean, Nashville, right? I´m goin’.



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