The Prodigal Scamp

Well hello there. It’s been a minute. I have MISSED you.

Just got back from the DIY Musician Conference in Chicago. Must confess, it blew my mind. So much talent, soul, diversity, common mission. And INFO. The attendees and organizers alike, individually and collectively, hit home. Love to tell you about it!

So, #1 on the agenda today is to let you know I am here.

OK. Website, under maintenance. Facehead, YouTube emerging soon. Recently bounded onto Twittle and Instalook. Sabbatical now concluded I’m ever excited and inquisitive about stuff. Hit me up.

And FINALLY! please accept this offering of my newest work.  A three-fer. The first out the door of a whole new book of demos called Mascara Non Grata Freestyle

This inaugural installment is dedicated to creators. We all NEED you.

One more thing. I didn’t give up. I CHANGED up. And took my sweet time doin it. FEAST, beeoches.


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