NEW - Molly Glynn tribute & Triplets of Belleville cover song

Hello! Pleased to share with you the next release from Mascara Non Grata Freestyle – a couplet of new tunes on the soundclouds and a personal note on the youtubes. This installment is dedicated to anyone you call a friend.

Tree is an elegy for Molly Glynn, a fallen performing-arts comrade, whose prolific life was cut short by a freak accident while bicycling not far from her home near Chicago. My wife and I went to college with Molly, studied under the same acting coach, and Deb worked with her on many theatre productions. We are so proud of Molly and feel deeply for her family, loved ones and colleagues from both the theatre world and the TV industry.

Cieco Cieco is an Italian-peasant frolic from Benoît Charest’s original soundtrack of The Triplets of Belleville which won the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma “2004 Cesar Award for Best Original Score.” Loved, loved, loved that film. And, yup, I did grow up in a first-generation Italian-American home. This was recorded on what would have been my pop’s 91st birthday.  After studying Italian for a few years, I can sing exactly one Italian song, albeit in a “Napolitano” dialect with a “Brooklynese” accent. Va bene.

Stay primed for more content, upcoming MNGFS releases, including an inside scoop about a new micro ‘slop opera’ that grapples with the modern-day, virulent phenomenon of “mobbing.”


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