CD captures energy, drive - Whats Up

WHATS UP Magazine
Boston, MA
January 2004 Volume 6 Issue 1

CD Reviews
MASCARA - Cellar Door

Chris Mascara was one of the first people I met in the Boston music scene. A genuine guy with a hell of a…

what the world needs now - Boston Globe

May 21, 2003


GO! Wednesday

By Christopher Muther, Globe Staff

Quick Hits
Song and Dance.

What would "The Ed Sullivan Show" have looked like if Eddie had a fondness for barbiturates and fast women? Probably similar to…

brings it all home - Stuff @ Night, Boston Herald


April 15, 2003

AFTER 5 — Where to Go, What to Do, and Why

By Darcy Scanlon

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23 : The Lizard Lounge (1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge) has hosted many a kooky character, avant-garde artist, and…

raising the bar on experimental work - Cambridge Chronicle

Chris Mascara is raising the bar on experimental work at the Lizard Lounge
with his new series of shows called 'Scara's Night Out.'


Cambridge Chronicle and Cambridge TAB
Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Making it up: Chris Mascara brings variety back

well-honed, convincing portrayal - Soundcheck Magazine


December, 2000

Boston Rock Opera Presents "Jesus Christ Superstar"

11-9-2000 at Mass. College of Art
Live Music Review by Matt Robinson

Amid spare, industrial staging, an undulating mob of varied musical and theatrical talent tells the story of…

losing his religion / "Superstar" is gripping - Boston Globe

THE BOSTON GLOBE November 15, 2000

LIVING/ARTS Names & Faces
By Michael Saunders and Jim Sullivan

Losing his religion

Chris Mascara has the title role in Boston Rock Opera's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar," running tonight through Saturday at the…


vocal powerhouse as Jesus - Boston Herald

Saturday November 11, 2000

Boston Rock Opera's resurrected "Superstar" is mostly a heavenly delight


In cream-colored crewneck-sweater and khakis, the title character in the Boston Rock Opera production of Jesus Christ Superstar merits a…


I was addicted - ballbusterhardmusic

Mascara "Cellar Door"


By Jym Harris

OK, this one really had to grow on me. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but by the end of the CD I was addicted. Mascara (Brainchild of Boston’s Chris Mascara) is one…

one of God's gifts to rock and roll - JAM Magazine

JAM Magazine Sarasota Springs, FL
April 6, 2000

Mascara - Cellar Door
(Mascara Records)

Chris Mascara, (yes, it's his real name) is one of God's gifts to rock & roll. His musical genius first surfaced when he was 8, when…


a sound uniquely their own - Instant Magazine

INSTANT Magazine
Boston, MA
April/May 2000 Issue 27

High Octane CD Reviews

Mascara Cellar Door
(Mascara Records)

"Eclecticism" is the first word that comes to my mind a when I think of this album. It contains a collage of a…


compelling CD fueled by hell-fire guitar - Boston Phoenix

The Boston Phoenix
January 6 - 13, 2000

Great guitar players don't need fingerprints. They can be identified by their tone -- the distinctive qualities of the sounds they pick, pluck, pull, and push from their instruments. The most dedicated…