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Mascara "Cellar Door"


By Jym Harris

OK, this one really had to grow on me. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but by the end of the CD I was addicted. Mascara (Brainchild of Boston’s Chris Mascara) is one of those bands that are difficult to categorize. At times I hear a little Primus, and other times I’m reminded of The Presidents Of The United States Of America. This three peice learned the dynamics theory many bands never do; holes are as important as fills. The songs breathe. Granted, Mascara is not for everyone. Some could even call this ‘artsy-fartsy’, claimimg the band is deliberately being weird to draw attention. Maybe so, but I would rather listen to this than most of the derivative bullshit out there. The open-minded should give this album a good listen.

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