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April 15, 2003

AFTER 5 — Where to Go, What to Do, and Why

By Darcy Scanlon

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23 : The Lizard Lounge (1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge) has hosted many a kooky character, avant-garde artist, and eccentric performer, but local rockers Mascara's bimonthly variety show Scara's Night Out brings it all home with a more-motley crew than Cambridge has seen in quite a while. Tonight's all-star cast features indie-pop local heroine Ramona Silver, former Through the Keyhole Burlesque dancers, multimedia comedian Evan O'Television, and Tenacious D-esque acoustic-comedy duo Damned Dirty Ape. Not to mention the bent radio-comedy band Radio Pu — a quintet that reproduces old-time radio acts. The doors are at 8, and there's a $7 cover. For more information, check, or call the Lounge at (617) 547-0759.

March 7, 2003

Residencies, a record release and more will have the Hub rockin'

By Sarah Rodman

The bitter chill has done nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of local musicians eager to display their wares in clubs around town. We usually discuss bands with national profiles in this space, but next week's embarrassment of local riches demands attention. The slate includes a couple of disparate residencies, a record release worth celebrating, a stab at a classic album by a great new band, a wild variety show and some good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Rodman recommends: Local picks this week include top-of- the-heap Boston Rock Opera alum Chris Mascara (Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar") who has been hosting the variety show " 'Scara's Night Out" at the Lizard Lounge the past few months. Wednesdays March 12th and 26th, the show will feature everything from cabaret punk, electronica, glam rock, improv-avant jazz, comedy and the "absurdist musings" of emcee Sinus Brady.

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