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THE NOISE Magazine Boston, MA December 1999

Top-Twenty Outstanding Performers of the '90s:

2 . THE VOID/FODDER MINTS/ROOTLOCK/MASCARA : The Void was this psychedelic hippie-manque combo circa 1989-91 with about five really good songs: "Land of the Free," "Soul Exterminator," "Social Suicide," "Inside the Eggshell," and their masterpiece, "Roadside." Fodder Mints was the short-lived transitional band, and Rootlock would be worth remembering even if 1996's chilling "No Afterlife" was the only classic song they ever produced. But this was far from the case. After "Chromosome,' "Cellar Door," "Electricity," and "Carnival," the heart-wrenching "Frigerator Door," and many many more outstanding tunes were yet to follow. Whether as a solo act or as part of a group, the brilliantly talented Chris Mascara exemplifies the active-positive quadrant of local avant-pop.


13 Song CD

Cellar Door can only be described as stunning. This music is thick, rich, glorious, and most of all, theatrical. Chris Mascara can sing, he can sing, he can sing.

The album opener, "Carnival," bangs from start to finish. The lyrics are a bit strange. "Nothing could sedate her, they had to tie her down/they couldn't stop her from fingering herself." Interesting image. Most of the songs do create unusual images. It is probably the best studio record I've heard in quite some time. My favorite is "Fridgerator Door." Gritty, bow driven, upright bass makes this one a must. "She is lonely which I know means horny but the prozac just keeps her down." There's just something dirty about this band.

I have the highest respect for what it took to make this album. Cellar Door is perfect. However, I feel myself wanting to warn you rather than recommend this record.

(William Marbles)

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