Chris Mascara


B261 is an ode to the tragic life of singer Jackie Wilson, known by many as “Mr. Excitement.” “B261” is so named for the number on the grave marker that was once Wilson’s only symbol noting where he was laid to rest after his death in 1984. Wilson had lingered in a coma for nine years after suffering a heart attack on stage performing in 1975. He died a relative pauper, thus the grave marker, but in the years following his death a proper headstone was erected by fans and music people. Wilson was a pioneer and was dubbed the “black Elvis Presley” by the media.  Upon hearing this, Presley referred to himself as the “white Jackie Wilson."




Medford Leas – my heart is crying

Burlington Rest Home – my heart is crying

Chitlin rockin’


Black Elvis, white Elvis

What’s a-matter here


B261 – a song left unsung


Hangin’ from my ankles – out the window

I won’t fuckin’ sign it – out the window

I’m a Detroit hero


Black Elvis, white Elvis

What’s a-matter here

A voice from the wilderness

Cries it’s the end of fear


White Elvis, black Elvis

What’s a-matter now

A voice so great, not stifled young

Or buried in the ground


B261 – a tomb left unknown


Cherry Hill Casino – my heart is crying

Dick Clark Revue – my heart is crying

Hit Men hunting


Black Elvis, white Elvis

What’s a-matter here…