by Mascara

Released 2005
Mr. Fibuli's Record
Released 2005
Mr. Fibuli's Record
Garage rock meets rock opera meets avant-pop
Mascara is a Boston power trio featuring Chris Mascara (Boston Rock Opera's Jesus Christ Superstar), with Chris Girard (The Feds) on bass and Rikki Bates (Incredible Casuals/Space Pussy) on drums. Some candid comments about SPELL:

"Tight and perfectly titled. These songs spell out one desolate, strong, angry, thoughtful, vulnerable story. This is the lash-extending Mascara, the no clumps Mascara, the clear shine Mascara, and the eye-opening Mascara all at once."

"...lovely, compiled, rough, bold and complex all at the same time..."

"...brilliant work...captured in a very unique and powerful way that really accentuates the live Mascara sound beautifully..."

"..."Frost Bite" on Shred's show [WBCN]...sounded great...kinda a Jellyfish meets old fashioned horror flick soundtrack."

Cool, huh?!