his power move - The Noise


Something of a mystic, Mascara tells the truth but tells it slant in tradition of artists such as Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu


won't soon forget - Metronome


original, unpredictable, orchestral vibe, stark, electrifying, uncharted rock & roll territories


closest thing Boston has to a supergroup - Playground Boston


the lead-singer avatar for the Rock Band games is doing work with Blue Man Group this year


fabulously bent garage prog - Boston Phoenix



MP3 of the Week pays tribute to trailblazing, undersung soul singer Jackie Wilson


a special effect unto themselves - Boston Band Crush


Feature Crush:  Mascara is, above all, a showman.


what the Connoisseur staff is obsessing over - Boston Magazine

Trust us, you like this: real-life model for Rock Band's lead-singer avatars has a new CD, crunching tunes make you fist-pump not cry

spaced-out garage-prog band driving van with wolf mural - Boston Phoenix


one of the year's weirdest


wild style channels everything rock is about - Metro Spirit


AUGUSTA, GA - fans of everything from moody post punk to sleazy garage rock to grunge to guitar rock will fall in love


part bluesman, part punk rocker, part madman - The Noise



student of psychology of music, writer of introspective rhythmic tapestries, talented actor, accomplished musician/singer


fountain of everything - AndMoreAgain


Isn't strictly indie, prog, or metal, it resides somewhere in the margins between those genres


5 stars! - Rock N Roll Experience


BALTIMORE, MD - special hybrid of rock, art, passion meant for music lovers, freaks, people who enjoy strange sounds & rich messages


digitized, hospitalized, crucified, resurrected - Northeast Performer


his entire life in the spotlight, “I’ve learned a lot, that’s for sure,” says the effervescent veteran


portrayal of iconic "Lead Vocalist" in hit game ROCK BAND - Boston Herald



headbanger of choice, millions the world over enjoy Mascara's portrayal of cultural icon


rock out! - Bay Area Reporter CA & Chicago Free Press


SAN FRANCISCO CA / CHICAGO IL - your mascara's running at turns heavy and heavenly


under his spell - Medford Transcript


Medford recording artist's intriguing, innovative CD, "Spell" is a smart and highly polished sophomore disc


throws self into record with reckless abandon - Northeast Performer


completely sideways Spell is the sound of a musical free-fall but somehow he always lands on his feet


shakes things up - Up & Coming Weekly/Zwire!


FAYETTEVILLE, NC - think Radiohead in drag or if Frank Zappa had a love child with Robert Plant


mascara on the run - Boston Globe


Boston Globe Sidekick Cover cool name and musical talent, high-energy theatrical rock at times reminiscent of Queen


if Jesus had a rock band - Stuff @ Night


...he’d call it Mascara, catch bohemian rockers’ follow-up to the critically acclaimed Cellar Door


a busy lad - Patriot Ledger


raw, bohemian shake-up of Velvet Underground stylistics, Pere Ubu-style punch and glistening instrumentation


back from the brink - Boston Phoenix


debut was a psychic time bomb, the new CD is an outright explosion, full of terse, rippling energy, still wrapped by a need to explore


one of Boston's most talented songwriters - The Noise


few artists are better at translating explorations of labyrinthine emotions into music *****


one of the area's most dynamic performers - MusicDish


rock opera to his own variety shows all over, flavors of The Beatles, Bowie, Queen, sharp production sense, great rock


Secret Life of Pastries - Boston Phoenix


eclectic MASCARA discovered quickest path to television at Danish Pastry House when Food Network filmed The Secret Life of Pastries


CD captures energy, drive - Whats Up


genuine guy with a hell of a lot of talent produces kind of rock that makes a whole room start moving, CD captures that


what the world needs now - Boston Globe



"The Ed Sullivan Show" if Eddie had a fondness for barbiturates and fast women


brings it all home - Stuff @ Night, Boston Herald


Where to Go, What to Do, and Why: a more-motley crew than Cambridge has seen in quite a while


not too many people can list "Savior" on résumé - Boston Phoenix


...but Mascara is one of them, power trio anchors freakshow cavalcade for "avant-variety" series at Lizard Lounge EDITOR'S PICK


raising the bar on experimental work - Cambridge Chronicle


Local superstar takes reputation to the next level with launch of new series of ridiculously random revues called "Scara's Night Out"


well-honed, convincing portrayal - Soundcheck Magazine


portraying Christ, what a presence even without his guitar, he is wasting his talents in a rock band, certainly did not here


losing his religion / "Superstar" is gripping - Boston Globe



"I didn't know if I wanted to open that door. But once I did, I said I'm going to conquer this dragon once and for all"


vocal powerhouse as Jesus - Boston Herald


true rocker brought sparkly charisma to role at Tower Auditorium, picture of stillness to dramatic explosion at God


I was addicted - ballbusterhardmusic


At times a little Primus, others, The Presidents of The United States of America, would rather listen to this than derivative bullshit


one of God's gifts to rock and roll - JAM Magazine


SARASOTA SPRINGS, FL - creepy insightful literate rock, a talented band, refreshingly original songwriting


a sound uniquely their own - Instant Magazine


rock with jazz undertones and the twisted knolls of death...for those who seek out that which is unfamiliar


compelling CD fueled by hell-fire guitar - Boston Phoenix



from grinding distortion of Velvet Underground to angular wailing of Pere Ubu and Gang of Four


colorful, completely disturbing - Metronome


conjures images of raw curiosity, sexual suspense with illicit rhythms, confounding vocal fantasies


#2 Performer of the 90s - The Noise


Whether as a solo act or as part of a group, the brilliantly talented Mascara exemplifies the active-positive quadrant of local avant-pop.


not like other kids on the block - Boston Sunday Globe


dark twisted words and expansive avant-pop from heavy Led Zep riffing to spaced-out Zappa experimentation


one of Boston's musical treasures - The Noise


shiver-inducing, otherworldly, ambitious, a high order of achievement, our Tape of the Month *****


boy with the ‘golden ear' - Delray News


DELRAY BEACH, FL - at age 11, accomplished organist's recent recital at school received 5 minute standing ovation for solo performance


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